Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Purity, safety, and affordability are our concerns and quality is our promise. In manufacturing and producing patented honey crystals we want our consumer to understand the value in these scientific discoveries.

What is well known and studied, with those who understand and are using product such as Jojoba Honey or Manuka, explain that the bees gather the medical power of the plant they gather the nectar from. By forcing the bees to gather only from the Jojoba or Manuka plant, they believe that the medicinal parts of the plant are transferred to the honey. This is true, but only to a degree; they admit they don't fully understand the science. The reason is because Jojoba is a medicine for burns and skin injuries infected by flesh eating viruses, but Jojoba honey is a medical miracle! The miracle is in fact; Jojoba honey is only about 5% more effective that natural honey, with other natural plant inclusions. So, if they know this, what's the issue, why isn't the medical community embracing honey? Cost and return. It costs millions to do the research, and anyone can copy it without a patient. If you can't patent your work, why put in the millions. This problem may also become hope. The medical community has many research papers noting that honey is as effective as the most potent prescription meds for burns and skin infections. Crystallized honey will not break down.

So what do the scientist know about honey; that it works to kill microscopic organism's through Oxygen starvation or Anaerobic activities. This is how it has been tested and observed. Other than my research, there is no research that explains the power of using crystals.

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