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Zitavex Miracle Honey
100% Organic


With over 30 years of research and development our discoveries and processes using natural honey have been awarded multiple scientific patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Using any and all varieties of natural honey, our scientific process creates oxygenated honey crystals; charged with piezoelectric energy and enriched with oxygen these crystals bond to your skin and help to protect and nourish tissues.

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What is Zitavex Miracle Honey

Details of Product

Like all honey, Zitavex Miracle Honey is a completely natural product that contains no chemicals, drugs or artificial ingredients. By harnessing the power of crystallization and supersaturation, these honey crystals release their bonded oxygen slowly to help nourish and protecting by healing exposed skin.


These miracle crystals are not only healing and nourishing to your skin, but are also biocidal. This means that as well as being good for your skin, they help fight infections and microscopic invaders. The U.S. FDA finds that nothing can grow in or on the surface of honey and the U.S/ Dermatology association considers honey to be one of the best uses for treating acne. Used as a mask, sprayed on or applied as a gel, these crystals help heal cuts and skin ailments as well as protect against infection and odors and acts as a natural sanitizer that stays on the skin for many hours.




Made from only the best all-natural honey our patented products help to heal and nourish exposed skin as well as form a thin protective barrier to keep dirt and damage away.


Recommended by dermatologists, honey helps to heal as well as protect cuts, irritations, rash, acne, and redness


Our products contain no artificial ingredients and are guaranteed safe when used as directed.  As a rule, we avoid chemicals, artificial ingredients and all known allergens.

Plum in Honey

Tested and developed over 30 years, quality science is our goal in every product we make. Awarded two patents with more in process, these crystals are a powerful answer to natures skin protection.


As a natural antiseptic, nothing grows in or on the surface of honey. After applying these miracle hand products, allow to completely dry to a silky-smooth barrier. This long lasting barrier easily washes off with soap and warm water, taking dirt and filth with it to leave your hands feeling health and new.